Coastal Kelpies, also known as Cody and the Kelpies, joined forces with Australian Performance Boxes in 2022. The goal was to find a team member who could truly put our Dog Boxes to the test, and what better fit than a Kelpie Stud? Much to our surprise, the team soon discovered that this Kelpie Stud was producing champions and winning accolades all across Australia. We recently caught up with the people behind the Stud, to learn more about Cody and the Kelpies and the ins and outs of running a winning Kelpie Stud.

Coastal Kelpie Stud started out as an Instagram account called Cody and the Kelpies (@coastalkelpiestud). The journey began when Cody, the original Kelpie, joined their family as a pup. However, the story took a turn when Sarah, the daughter, was involved in a severe car accident that left her with a broken back and spinal cord damage. Sarah's lifestyle went from extreme sports to being confined to lying flat. During this time, Cody became her constant companion, and Sarah soon discovered that he could fetch items she couldn't reach. This sparked the family’s passion for dog training.


A typical day in the life of breeding and training champions at Coastal Kelpie Stud starts with the dogs waking up and eagerly awaiting breakfast. Depending on the day, they may go for a run, engage in exercise, or participate in brain games to keep them stimulated. The Stud is always busy training for events such as dog wall jumps, sled dog racing, sprint racing, lure coursing, sheep herding, trick dog trials, and lately even modelling gigs. The dogs are always in training to ensure they are fit, healthy, and mentally stimulated.

In terms of achievements, the Casterton Kelpie Muster stands out as the highlight of this year for Coastal Kelpie Stud. Their champion, Cody, won the triathlon and was crowned the 2023 winner. Annie, their smallest Kelpie, also impressed by securing 3rd place in both the 50m sprint and dog high jump, despite competing against much larger dogs. These achievements demonstrate the excellence and talent of their dogs, with all three entrants in the top 10. The Casterton Kelpie Muster is a prestigious event that attracts Kelpies from all over Australia.



When it comes to travelling with their dogs, Coastal Kelpie Stud takes them everywhere, from grocery shopping to appointments and friends' houses. The dogs have even become so attuned to the sound of keys and opening doors that they eagerly wait for their Dog Box to be opened once they are outside the gate. Currently, they use the Australian Performance Boxes 800mm Full Dog Box and the 600mm Full Dog Box. The versatility of the 800mm Full Dog Box allows them to fit all their dogs when they only need to use that box on the Ute.



Having a dog box has provided many advantages for Coastal Kelpie Stud. They no longer have to worry about their dogs falling off or getting tangled in leads, as the boxes provide a secure and enclosed space. Moreover, they can lock the dogs in the boxes during shows, ensuring their safety. The dogs can rest comfortably during travel, without any stress, and the impeccable design of the boxes, with properly aligned airflow holes and doors, has caught the attention of many people and garnered compliments.



In terms of essential equipment, Coastal Kelpie Stud prioritises safe and secure transportation for their dogs. They line the floors with rubber matting and wool carpet to ensure their dogs can rest comfortably during travel. Additionally, they install K9 anti-spill water bowls in both dog boxes to ensure the dogs stay hydrated.

Coastal Kelpie Stud and their partnership with Australian Performance Boxes have proven to be a winning combination, as they continue to achieve great success in breeding and training Champion Kelpies. 

With our dedication and support of reliable equipment like the Australian Performance Boxes Dog Boxes, Cody and the Kelpies are set for more accomplishments in the future and we cannot wait to see where it takes them.