Hi, we are Joss and Ell!

We are currently travelling Australia with our two sausage dogs, Louie and Darla. We first set-up our ute to travel Australia back in 2020 and at the time we didn’t want something that was cheap and nasty and would fail on us but we also didn’t want to go for a setup that would break the bank. This is where we stumbled across APB. We initially purchased our 1600mm canopy and were beyond stoked with the quality for the price point and our APB set-up grew from there.

The APB setup we are currently running on our N80 Hilux while we travel Australia includes the 1600mm raw alloy jack-off canopy, 900mm tapered underbody boxes and a jerry can and gas bottle holder on the rear. We have put our APB gear to the test over the last three years going to some pretty crazy places, from the Victorian High Country to the Gibb River Road and lots in between and our gear has never let us down.


The most memorable place we have visited so far on our current travels has to be James Price Point in Broome, Western Australia. The landscape and the colours here are simply breathtaking not to mention, it is free and pet friendly. This was a big tick for us! We truly believe figuratively and literally that difficult roads can lead to the most beautiful destinations and this sums up this place perfectly.  

The main difficulty we faced while travelling would have to be compromising on some places we would like to visit because of our choice to travel with Louie and Darla. We wouldn’t change this for the world as we love travelling with them, however travelling with dogs does require a little extra planning and compromise when it comes to exploring National Parks.

Our biggest tip to people currently travelling or wanting to experience this beautiful lifestyle, money will always find it’s way back to you but time will not… tomorrow isn’t promised so live each day like it’s your last and if there is something you want to do or see, just go for it.

No place is too difficult to go with our trusty setup. Our Hilux has never let us down and our APB setup has stood the test of time, now on its second lap of Australia performing like the day we bought it continuing to keep our gear dry, dust free, organised and safe.

Joss and Ell

You can find Joss and Ell here (https://linkr.bio/jossandell).